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wanted to get things done he would work for us instead of campaigning. >> he would work with us instead of campaigning around the country. is that fact, fiction or an opinion? >> it's just an opinion. every president does this after the state of the union. you saw it with gorge bush after he had the idea of privatizing social security. he went across the country to do that. this is a republican talking point. this idea that somehow obama doesn't want to work with the republicans and he is the who is obstructing poor progress in terms of the economy and other issues and he is always if campaign mode. it's not surprising that this is what they say again. i think you have a president that realizes he did well in 2012 and he has momentum and very much wants to go above the head of the folks in that audience. on the one hand, the audience was congress and also the american people. it's smart for him in keeping with what other presidents did. >> michael, with his stalemate or fever as it is described, why wouldn't the president go over the heads of congress? we are seeing some compromise, per
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)